Be taken on a journey of luxury and glamour: read the full text from PLAZA’s ‘The Great Bath Mall’ here!


Open Now: The Great Bath Mall
Bath’s very own luxury shopping destination!

Bath’s leading destination for leisure, life and business; a model of modern, sustainable urban regeneration attracting an estimated 9.3 million visitors per year and fully utilizing the legacy of the Roman period.

Begin your visit to the site of the former Roman Baths by entering the magnificent suite of VIP personal shoppers opposite the west door of Bath Abbey. Here you can receive your complimentary glass of fizz at no extra cost.

Take a moment to stare in wonderment at the ceiling, a holographic, improved, reproduction of the artwork of the past, decorated with images of the four seasons and surmounted by an elegant dome.

Here you can exchange your child’s push-chair for a courtesy child carrier to assist your visit.

From here we are transported to the terrace- re-imagined as La Terrazzo- which overlooks what was the Great Bath, now in-filled with hand poured marble, facilitating a space for the world’s luxury brands to commune. Once filled with statues of Roman Governors of Britain, Roman Emperors and military leaders; now replaced with robotic mannequins showcasing the latest trends from Paris, Milano and New York.

Did you know, The Roman Baths were not discovered and explored until the late nineteenth century?

Come with us on a journey of surprise and discovery and traverse down to the former Great Bath on a state-of-the-art circular elevator which gently revolves inside a glass tube; a double helix like structure. You will be wowed!

The centerpiece of our mall, the Roman baths, was once a derelict pool which you’ll agree is now unrecognizable! The vista is reminiscent of the paradisical beaches of St Barts or The Maldives. It is sandy underfoot; however, when inspected closely one is pleasantly surprised by millions of minuscule champagne diamonds!

Relax and unwind, whilst browsing our artisanal displays of the finest global luxury fashions!

For many Roman visitors this may have been the largest building they had ever entered in their life.

Costumed characters are in action around the Great Bath Mall from 10am to 5pm during the peak season and every afternoon between 1.30pm and 4.30pm in the winter months. 


This piece was created for the group show ‘TallTales’, part of Fringe Arts Bath 2014.