‘Tracing Skylines’- Derelict Detroit repurposed for street skiing

The decline of Detroit, USA, has been well documented, having since the 1950s lost over 1 million of its inhabitants and lately filed for bankruptcy. Vast buildings lie abandoned and derelict as businesses have moved out.

For some this is an opportunity to use such structures for daring stunts such as street skiing. Karl Fostvedt, Khai Krepela and Max Morello are filmed packing snow and using whatever detritus is lying around to make ad hoc ski jumps. They ski off the viewing gallery of a crumbling church, and off the roof of a factory, landing against the side of an industrial chimney. It is interesting to see these buildings used for such activities, the urban fabric being played with in a way it was not intended for.

Thanks to our US correspondent Christine for the heads up!