The Low Line, New York

The quest to create green public spaces in New York’s famously dense urban fabric requires thinking outside the usual parameters.

After the success of the High Line, which has now become a much-loved city landmark, more extreme solutions are being considered. One such plan is the Low Line, the conversion into green space of a one-acre underground former Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal, below Delancey Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

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Built in 1908, but lying unused since 1948, the space houses some interesting details such as cobblestones, rail tracks and vaulted ceilings. The potential of what is a subterranean industrial space was not seen for decades but now solar technology will allow plants to grow in this unforgiving environment as well as create a space the public would want to spend time in.



Should this project be given the go ahead by the local authorities, and the necessary funding raised, a new type of urban green space will be formed, providing a template for the creation of parks in other space-restricted cities.


Test of the light shafts which diffuse sunlight through the dark spaces.

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