Park Hill Estate renovation nominated for Stirling Prize

We have featured similar notorious ‘Sink Estates‘ like Park Hill on this blog as examples of post-war urban regeneration gone wrong.

Saved from demolition after it was awarded grade two listed status in 1998, a private developer, Urban Splash, have sought to transform it into a contemporary and desirable place to live. The aim is to create a mixed use development of upmarket apartments, businesses and social housing.




The future (?)

The entire structure was stripped back to its concrete skeleton and re-faced with glass and blocks of colour to animate the facade, a symbol to the rest of Sheffield- which lies below the estate- that change is taking place. The interiors are examples of 21st Century tastes and design standards.


Aspirational interior of renovated apartment (Image from Urban Splash marketing)

Park Hill has been a controversial project due to many of the original residents being moved out for construction and most not being allowed back to make way for private buyers in the market for luxury apartments. It does, however, show the potential that exists in buildings which have previously been lined up for demolition.

Park Hill estate

Old vs new

The development has now been shortlisted for the 2013 Royal Institute of British Architects’ Stirling Prize – considered one of the top accolades in the world of architecture. The awards are for buildings with original and imaginative designs, which meet the needs of their users.

For more information about the Stirling Prize and the nominated buildings click here.