Khazar Islands, Azerbaijan



In a vision similar to that of the man-made islands off Dubai, Khazar Islands are an ambitious project aiming to assert Azerbaijan as a hot spot of luxury and modernity.

Rising out of the Caspian Sea 15 miles south of Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, it’s founder billionaire Ibrahim Ibrahimov aims to create a city of 1 million people in the shape of a giant lobster. It will include villas and apartments, 8 hotels, a Formula One racetrack, a yacht club, and airport, 150 schools, 50 hospitals, 5 university campuses and numerous parks and shopping centres. The focal point will be Azerbaijan Tower, which if built will be the tallest building in the world at 3,445ft.


Building styles are- one could say- bold, with lots of dynamic shapes and use of white facings and blue glass.

As quoted in the Sunday Times: ‘The project is the brainchild of Ibrahim Ibrahimov, a construction tycoon, self-styled philanthropist and one of the country’s richest men. The idea came to him during a flight on his private jet from Dubai. “I wanted to build a city but didn’t know how. I asked for some paper but there wasn’t any, so I grabbed this shirt in my bag that I hadn’t worn. I pulled the tissue paper out and in 20 minutes drew the whole thing.”

The project certainly has the feel of a master plan designed by an amateur aiming for greatness through a lasting legacy of luxury condos and ego-fortifying skyscrapers.




Models exude the luxurious lifestyle to be had on Khazar Islands, lounging on a balcony or boat, and using mobile phones.



A video celebrates the progress of construction work on the site of the islands: