North Korea’s glamorous Ryugyong Hotel opens next year!

Ryugyong Hotel North Korea

Ryugyong Hotel North Korea opening 2013

A full 24 years after it was first started, the hotel which once aimed to be the world’s tallest tower will finally open its doors in the North Korean capital. Ryugyong Hotel is a dazzling glass tower spanning 105 storeys and rising 1,080ft high, which will partially open (partially)  in April next year.

The long-delayed opening will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of the nation’s founder Kim Il-sung, with celebrations peaking on 15 April. The hotel will house shops, offices, ballrooms, restaurants and 150 rooms. The site of the next PLAZA exhibition? We hope so!

Fire works at Pyongyang Hotel

Fire works at Pyongyang Hotel