Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield: Designed to be a prison?

There are several theories proposing that the Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield, was designed to be adapted to a prison should it be unsuccessful as a shopping mall. The plan of the building is purported to resemble that of a prison, with its wings and central atriums, though could this be an urban myth conjured up over the years, excitedly discussed in forums as shown below:

Other conspiracy theories claim it could be turned into an Islamic HQ, and that a store of body bags is kept in the basement in case there is a terrorist attack.

Whether of not any of them are true, it does seem to be a logic in having a back-up plan for such a large structure should it not be financially viable so they don’t simply shut down and become derelict. However, one would imagine the glass dome and marble surfaces would be removed before it could vaguely resemble a prison…