Deptford X- The Tour

Last night at 7.30pm, an excited group of the public was treated to a visual feast when our lovely PLAZA Guide Stephanie led a tour of Deptford X.  The latest development by PLAZA, this architectural feat has been designed to provide the ultimate glamorous lifestyle while retaining a sense of local community.

The tour began at the entrance to Deptford Market Square from Deptford High Street.  Here Stephanie encouraged the visitors to take in the vastness of the structure, and to enjoy the dynamic dolphin sculptures at the entrance.

From there Stephanie invited everyone to enter the building via one of the numerous revolving doors, being mindful not to catch themselves.  Once inside, the vast foyer is compared to soaring Gothic Cathedrals, and the legions of receptionists are described as ‘the epitomy of youthful beauty, primed to assist with every whim’.  Materials used are highlighted, such as the Etowa marble floors, the sculptural gilt steel reception desk, and the towering Washington Robusta palm trees.

Stephanie led the group to the suite of high speed elevators, which would transport them to the 88th floor.  Set inside the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium- which is home to endangered species such as the Yangtse dolphin- these diamond-like vessels glide in a balletic display.

Once on the 88th Floor, the home of the new Deptford Market, the tour took in the vast array of merchandise available from all corners of the globe. The character of the original market is retained:  The striped awnings so redolent of the market place have been reinterpreted in abstract stainless steel and neon sculptures that hover over the stalls.

Other highlights of the building were listed when the tour reached the Great Hall of Escalators, including:

A reconstruction of Medieval Deptford.  The sights and smells of the settlement of houses of fishermen, boat-builders and water pilots are showcased on an exciting state-of-the-art time capsule ride in the bio-gesic dome on level 47;

The 08/08/2011 Plaza, a memorial to the famous Riots of London, which engulfed the entire city in the grip of fear.  The structure, a 50 foot hight pyramid constructed from televisions and radios plays out an audio and visual account of those affected.  This can be found on Level 75.

There is also a Mandarin Oriental 7 Star hotel on Levels 76 to 86 with spa, pool area and 3 eminently stylish restaurants, office accommodation can be found on Levels 20 to 40, and exclusive duplex apartments on Levels 48 to 70.

Stephanie also pointed out to the ladies that on Levels minus 1 to minus 10, there is the High Street Luxury Mall, a place to discover the best in designer fashion and lifestyle.

The neighbouring convention centre, a 3.5 million square foot modern and functional facility well known among industry professionals for its versatilty was pointed out, and then the audience was directed to the Eastern balcony for a digital fireworks display, projected on the glass facade.

Once the tour was completed, the overwhelmed visitors where then invited to return to the Deptford X marketing suite, where they would receive further information from the PLAZA Directors.