Futureworld, 1976, shot around Houston, Texas

Two investigative journalists are invited to the opening of new theme park Futureworld, where visitors can visit different zones and experience living in a medieval village, a Roman town, a space ship and so on.  Each zone is peopled by human-like robots who re-enact scenes of battle or perform sexual acts.

The journalists, played by Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner, eventually find out the robots have been programmed to emulate the rich and famous and kill their human versions.

The scenes of Futureworld’s foyers, exhibition spaces and other public spaces were filmed around Houston, Texas, at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Jones Hall for the Performing Arts, and the Johnson Space Centre.

It is interesting that these buildings, which for the most part exist in the public sphere, have been used to represent the future, or an alternative present.  As shown with Logan’s Run, these spaces symbolised the future during the period these films were made in the 1970s.  Its hard to imagine this happening in present-day film-making.

These dome structures remind me of the Halbe Tropical Islands Resort posted previously by Oliver- a contained environment that is almost better than the real thing, where you can escape reality.