TWA flight centre – Grand Central of the jet age

The TWA Flight Center or Trans World Flight Center opened in 1962 as the original terminal for Trans World Airlines – designed by Eero Saarinen and located at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

The departures area - TWA terminal New York - Idlewild Airport

Advert for TWA terminal 5 - 1961

Advert for TWA terminal 1 - 1961

TWA Terminal 1

TWA Terminal 1

The luminal tunnel of the Terminal at JFK International Airportis the perfect symbolic experience of the future. A truly theatrical passage which embodies the utopian ideal of transcendence and transportation in travel.

TWA Skyliner September 1994

Following the demise of TWA in 1999 the future of the terminal looked uncertain. In 2004 Rachel K. Ward used the space to curate an art exhibition called Terminal 5,  featuring the works of artists Jenny Holzer, Dan Graham, Vanessa Beecroft, Tom Sachs, Tobias Wong, Douglas Coupland, Mark Handforth, Anri Sala, Sean Linezo, Jonas Mekas and Aleksandra Mir , however the show was promptly shut down after a raucaus opening party got out of control.

The terminal after the closure of TWA

The terminal lay dormant for some time but atttracted interest from a range of parties, including the  government of Finland, however in 2004 the terminal was taken over by US low cost airline JetBlue.