Tanforan – once a Japanese internment camp now an asian inspired shopping mall!

Tanforan Internment Camp

Tanforan Mall in San Bruno, California, has all the American favourites, Sears, Target and JC Penny.

The site of Tanforan mall was used during World War II as a Japanese American internment center. Tanforan was one of 17 “Civilian Assembly Centers”, where internees were sent before being relocated to more permanent (and remote) “relocation centers”. Horse stalls were used as housing. About 8,000 people were kept at Tanforan during the war.

Tanforan Mall

Tanforan detention Camp

Tanforan Mall Foodcourt

To commemorate the site an ‘asian inspired’ shopping mall was built in it’s location.

A plaque outside the mall notes this history.

The groundfloor at Tanforan Mall