Mall Madness!

Mall Madness takes place on a board representing a two-story mall. The game is designed for two to four players. Each player receives 200 dollars from one player who is designated to be the banker. The banker dispenses cash in the following manner; two $50 bills, three $20 bills, three $10 bills, and two $5 dollar bills. The first player presses the computers gameplay button, which directs the player to move a random number of spaces. When arriving at a store, each player makes purchases with a cardboard credit card, and the computer tracks the game play. After the player purchases items with credit card he/she will pay the banker with the appropriate amount of cash. At the start of each turn, an electronic voice announces a clearance at one store and sales at two others, players can use these sales to their advantage, since it takes up a turn to get to the ATM.

At random intervals, a player may be given a clearance or a sale at a store that does not currently have one. Other times, a player may have to pay an additional fee for the item.

Sometimes, the game will refuse a sale, or will refuse to dispense more cash. Occasionally, the game will randomly instruct players to move to the bank, the arcade, restrooms, or to various stores.

Once a player gets all of the items on their list, they must be the first to reach the parking lot of their respective color. The first person to accomplish this wins the game. –

‘You will spend hours playing this game. it is so real and so fun. just ask mom, a friend, or a family member to play w/ you. Cherish the moment!!!’ Cari, New York, A review from