Mall Music

Mall Music 2011 Oliver Herbert

Mall Music 2011

Music is a vital asset to the ambiance of a shopping mall. What seems like a background drone has most probably been a painstakingly constructed play list designed to drive sales, reaffirm cool credentials or perhaps just lull the shopper into blissful relaxation.

However mall music choices are not as straight forward as you would imagine. Nowadays instead of the management selecting their favourite CD, specialist companies are now needed to hunt for the appropriate tracks and legal permissions, as playing an artist’s music without this can lead to a barrage of lawsuits from record companies.

Choosing mall music has now become a science. Specialist companies such as Intertain match music to the demographics of each mall, even timing it to the time of day or the season of business.

This is the reason why we constantly hear the same music in the malls, as only a handful of companies provide this service to the retailers.  Certain record labels and artists are clamoring to align themselves with the most glamorous and sought after malls of the world.

Mall music has now become a Genre.

Disregarding all this, Mall music that I would find appropriate would be the following;

Designer Music – Lipps Inc

Ricky Martin and Christina Aguillera – Nobody want’s to be lonely

Fergie – Glamorous

Olivia Newton John – Xanadu

Cory Daye – Pow Wow

Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – Cherchez La Femme

I could go on – If you have any suggestions – post them in a comment!