The Core Centre for Shopping and Leisure

I spent my day today designing a dream shopping centre. This was always a hobby of mine as a child, which I decided to re-visit. This mall is called ‘Core Centre for Shopping and Leisure’ as it is built in the earth’s core, a convenient location, since it can be linked with bullet underground trains from any capital city in the world.

Below you can see some entrance paths to Core Centre for Shopping and Leisure or CCSL.

The Core Centre Entrance Oliver Herbert

The Core Centre Entrance

After passing through this entrance you will be met by a light and airy reception area.

The Core Oliver Herbert

Light and airy reception area

The reception area takes you into the spectacular main atrium which is dominated by the worlds largest indoor aquarium. This area of the mall has all the hustle and bustle of a lively village market place and is populated by useful, everyday stores.

The Grand Aquarium - Oliver Herbert

The Grand Atrium Aquarium

Some further images of The Grand Atrium Aquarium…

The Grand Aquarium Oliver Herbert

The Grand Aquarium - mall cart and shopper

The Grand Aquarium - view from terrace - Oliver Herbert

The Grand Aquarium - view from terrace

From the Atrium you can take the spectacular escalator to all levels of the mall, whilst gliding past sights of global glamor and frivolity. Enjoy the sights of precious rocks, metals and gem stones illuminated by crystal chandeliers whilst you transcend the suspended black marble floors of Core Mall. Temptation really is on every level.

Temptation on every level - Oliver Herbert

Temptation on every level - The main escalator

Once you reach the top level of the mall you come to The Terrace. The last word in international glamor and sophistication, The Terrace is a treasure chest of the world’s finest luxury brands.


The Terrace - Oliver Herbert

The Terrace